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In order for any user to start evaluating the GravityZone Security for Storage product, it is important to acknowledge the following concepts:

1.       The product is activated via an add-on key, which is licensed per the number of users that access each network-attached storage device that is ICAP compliant

2.       Security for Storage can be bundled with Advanced Business Security (ABS), Elite, Ultra, or Enterprise Security (Security for Virtualized Environments – VDI, VS respectively)

3.       The feature is available in both the GravityZone Cloud and On-Premise platform, and requires at least two Security Servers to serve as ICAP servers (also known as Security Server for NAS) for high availability purposes 

  1. The recommended best practice to protecting storage devices would be to have two Security Servers dedicated to ICAP scanning only. This means that you can have two Security Servers for ICAP scanning only and the remainder of the Security Server Appliances separately performing offloaded antimalware scanning on the endpoints

5.       For the On-Premise platform, the Security Server for NAS can either be deployed separately (using the regular Security Server base image offered by the On-Premise console) or can be part of an all-in-one GravityZone On-Premise installation (consisting of all roles, as well as the Security Server role)

6.       To enable Storage Protection’s On-Access scanning feature, assign a specific but separate policy setting to the Security Server for ICAP scanning that will protect the storage device

  1. Define the IP address of the Security Server for NAS on port 1344 that will enact as a GravityZone ICAP server in the antivirus section of the storage controller interface (see example from Nutanix AFS image.png)

Citrix FileShare -

Nutanix AFS -

Regarding other storage solutions, apart from Citrix FileShare and Nutanix AFS, will work together with the Security for Storage feature product, as long as the network-attached storage (NAS) or file sharing system itself is ICAP compliant.

If additional technical details are required by the partner, and if the end user does decide to use the Security for Storage product to cover any ICAP compliant NAS, let me know.


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